Crayon Clay’s Baptism

A few Saturdays ago, a lovely couple from Bulacan,  Jel and Hanna, presented their precious little bundle of joy Crayon Clay to our Lord and Creator thru the very solemn rite of Baptism. Heavy rains did not stop their family and friends from going to The Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Light near Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Food and fun came shortly as the reception was held in the nearby Yakimix in Mall of Asia.

The little princess was oblivious of the celebration around her as she peacefully slept in her stroller or her parents’ arms.

Baptized: Welcome to the Christian community Crayon Clay Cabrera!

crayon clay baptism (1)


crayon clay baptism (5)

crayon clay baptism (4)

crayon clay baptism (10)


crayon clay baptism (6)

crayon clay baptism (8)


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